Ruhnu Põhikool

Reede, 21. jaanuar, 2022

Volunteering at Ruhnu Põhikool

During the month of January we, Sophia & Betta, had a chance to volunteer here in Ruhnu Põhikool. 

Easy to say – it was the experience of a lifetime. Both the teachers and the students were very welcoming and made us feel right at home. The school is surrounded by a lovely atmosphere and beautiful nature, it seems like the best place for learning. Of course we both would have loved to study here if that would have been an option. 

We had fun experiences both in the school and after lesson times, not to mention the storm due to which our stay at Ruhnu got longer by 5 days. 

We can both say that this was an experience we won’t forget and we will cherish it. We would love to come back someday! 

Thank you!

4-6 kl tööõpetuse tunnis kroon mäng vestlusring